Thursday, September 30, 2010

My favorite tools

Last night again I was out in the garage working on the dressers. I had to move things around a bit to set up the miter saw so I could cut the trim I needed for the bottom of the green dresser. I love my miter saw! I remember the days when I had no power tools and it was a pain trying to fix anything around the house. Using tools is a lot like quiltmaking, but not as forgiving. If a piece is cut too short you can just add another piece on, but I find some of the processes and the brain thinking are very similar.

Here is the trim with a 45 degree miter. Now it is ready to be attached to the dresser.

I needed to find the wood glue and set up the air compresser so I could attach the trim with my brad nailer. I love my air compresser and nailer! I also have an attachment for the compresser so I can put air in my tires.

The trim installed and before its first coat of paint.

I needed to drill holes in each side to install a handle/hanger bar on each side. I love my drill!

So here is the trim with one coat of paint - there are two coats now on the body of dresser.

I think I need to put a third coat on both pieces. The second coat looked so much better, but still I can see where a third coat will really help the finished look. Since the dressers won't be picked up until Saturday or Sunday I have the time. I just can't wait to get the hardware on them though.

Tonight I just need to put on the third coat and this project is close to being done. I am anxious to get back in the studio and work on my Thor Houhovd piece. I am still working on the binding tutorial. I think I missed taking a picture of one part of the process so I am going to have to review everything again before I post.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I never got into woodworking and am pretty helpless with that kind of thing. My husband was the woodworker, but he didn't have time to do what I needed. I need you living next door to me!

patty a. said...

I grew up watching my Dad fix stuff and make furniture. Of course, watching This Old House over the years helped too. I have a neighbor that calls on me when he has a problem.