Friday, September 10, 2010

4 out of 7 quilts done

I will post a better picture on Monday of this quilt. I finished handsewing the binding at 9:30 last night so it was too late for me to hang it up to take a shot of the whole quilt. The second whirly gig quilt is bound and ready for handstitching. The jeans quilts are partially quilted and I have the binding ready. I am taking that half day of vacation today - still too much to do for tomorrow.

I could not find any Orvus in the area. All the quilt shops were out. I am not sure I have any Synpathol. I have some other soap/cleaner that is environmentally friendly and is fantastic on grease stains, I may give it a try this afternoon. Then I am going on-line and buy some Orvus so I have it on hand. Thanks for the suggestions Wanda and Vicki!

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