Monday, September 20, 2010

So So weekend

I was rolling along this weekend getting stuff done. I had made no plans except to stay at the house and get some work done. Sunday at noon my sister who lives in Georgia called and said she was in Ohio for a few days visiting and that as many of us as possible were going to get together and meet for dinner. So I hooked up with one of my brothers whose family could not go - they had homework, the mom is a teacher and my nephew still had work to finish. So Mike and I headed out and from 2 pm till 9 pm was gone. It was good to see my sister and her family - we only see each other once or twice a year, but if I would have had a little more notice I would have planned my work differently. Oh well, I will just have to accomplish more every evening this week.

I did get top is done and the backing dyed. I decided to add the colors of the awarded jerseys at the bottom - white is best young rider, green is the sprint points winner, polka dot is the mountain points winner (King of the mountain), and yellow is the general classification winner. It may look a little odd to some people, but once the concept is explained I think it makes perfect sense.

This piece is my salute to Thor Hushovd "the god of thunder" who was the sprint point winner at the 2009 TDF. He is such a great rider and is one of my favorites. I still need to sew the two section together and then I am going to do some stamping on it of Thor's stats from 2009.

So the big push for the next two weeks is to get these two pieces done for my library show.

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