Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Still stitching

Last night was a mix of laundry, washing dishes, baking off flatbread, and stitching. Sometimes I have to break down and do the domestic stuff. Here is the progress I have made so far on the last shirt.

Yesterday a package arrived with 12 FQ of cute fabric I won from Sally and Molly on The Objects of Design.

My friend Glenda and her husband, Frank, live in Baton Rouge and were flooded out of their home. Her blog is quiltswissy.blogspot.com. I can't imagine the stress of dealing with this type of devastation. I wish I was closer in distance that I could lend a hand, but I live 1,100 miles from Baton Rouge so all I can give is my moral support and be a place where venting can happen.

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QuiltSwissy said...

Hello! This is the first normal thing I have done since Thursday!!!and boy does it feel good.