Friday, June 7, 2013

Yellow & gray quilt 17th block done

First thing last evening was to get outside and dig up some plants for a co-worker since the rain had stopped. He has a shady area and didn't know what to plant. I needed to move the Lenten roses from the sunny front to the shady back so I just dug up three of those to give to him. Then I went and dug up some of the coral bells. Here they are ready for delivery.

After changing out of the muddy clothes, I got to quilting. Here is block 17 done. I now have quilted 2,816 square inches for the Quilt Your Quilts Challenge and have 57% of the yellow and gray quilt quilted.

I got a good deal on-line for rotary cutting blades so I bought two packs. I will be set for a long time!

This picture came out much darker than I thought it would, but it is of the spinach sprouting! If you make the picture bigger you can see them. The seeds were at least a year old so I wouldn't be surprised if I only get a few plants. I will start another pot in a couple of weeks so I can keep a crop going in stages.

I have to fix these jean tonight to take to hair salon Saturday morning. They belong to the sister of the lady who cuts my hair. I have no idea how on earth she ripped these. I put a white towel behind the rip so you could see it. I have a plan for fixing this and I will make sure I take pictures for posting on Monday.

The plans for the weekend are Saturday evening I will be working at the Art Museum for the annual wine auction. Of course I will be working on the yellow and gray quilt and doing final prep for Peg's visit next weekend. I need to mow, but that will depend on the weather. I think I have another busy weekend ahead!

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