Friday, June 14, 2013

22nd and 23rd blocks done on the yellow and gray quilt

I had a productive afternoon and evening yesterday. I did burn thru about one hour and 45 minutes picking up my brother's mail at the post office and his house then going to the grocery, but I am glad that is done. This afternoon and evening I have a packed agenda to get ready for Peg coming tomorrow.

Two more blocks done! So I am now at 77% complete with the quilting and have 4,352 square inches toward my Quilt your Quilts challenge. Only 7 more blocks to quilt.

I threw the quilt on Peg's bed just to see how it is going to look. I need to do something with those mismatched temporary curtains! I took the black and white curtains I had made for this room and put the in the Master bedroom.

Have a great weekend!

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QuiltSwissy said...

It looks just wonderful. Such a great combination of color.