Friday, May 20, 2011

Red flag and the TofC

My brother needed to get his extension ladder out of my garage last evening. I needed to make a red flag for hanging of the end of the ladder. I found some cheap red flannel someone had given me. After a quick hem all around I sewed on some heavy duty velcro to make the flag removable. Here is my brother giving me the thumbs up for his new safety flag.

I thought I would show all the jersey winners from yesterday's stage of the Tour of California. I know many of you will raise your eyebrows, but I just love watch bike racing.

Yesterday race was 139 miles and they cover that in 5 hours 16 minutes and 3 seconds. That averages to a little over 26 miles an hour! They did have a strong tail wind which help to push them along, but you can see here the race profile and it was far from a flat stage.

21 year old Peter Sagan won Thursday's stage of the ToC. He got a HUGE bottle of wine, flowers, and a glass bowl. For such a young fellow he had the biggest legs! He is a very powerful sprinter and hopefully will get better with more experience. He is adding a lot of excitement to the sprinting aspects of bike racing.

Peter Sagan gets the green jersey for the most sprint points. Sprint points are awarded thoughout the stages at certain points and at the end of sprint stages.

And all the riders once they are awarded their jersey's get kisses for a photo op.

Chris Horner is in the yellow jersey for the General Classification overall best time for the event.

This is Patrick McCarty in his red King of the Mountains jersey. He has the most points so far for crossing the lines at different points during the stages that are set up for getting points and cash prizes just like the sprint points.

This is Tejay Van Garderen who got the white jersey for the best young rider. By young that means under 25 and he has the best time for the event so far.

Oscar Freire in his blue Most Couragous Rider of the day jersey.

Here are all the day's jersey winner posing together for photos.

Today, Friday, stage is the individual time trial. This could have a huge impact on the final outcome of the race.

This plan this weekend is to get the pants hemmed for another brother of mine and start on the wedding quilt. Have a great weekend!

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