Friday, May 27, 2011

First blocks of wedding quilt done

I got the first blocks for the wedding quilt sewned together last night. It came out about 36" x 36". I am using my technique of no measuring and improv piecing. The linen is easy to sew with. It is interesting because I cannot press all the tiny wrinkles out, but I think it adds another layer of texture to the piece.

Here is the big block cut into four.

I have the beginnings of the next block layout and ready for me to attack once I get out of work today. Let's hope they let us go a little early today.

So my plans for the holiday weekend is to work on the wedding quilt, finish fixing my brother's pants, and take in a bridesmaids dress (YUCK! on the dress). I don't have any plans on going anywhere for cookouts or other socializing. I would like to start quilting the wedding quilt by Monday.

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QuiltSwissy said...

I love this technique of yours. I have a lot of fabric from the dissolution of my mother's stuff. The florals are really not my style. So I might try this with some solids and see if that improves them!