Monday, April 17, 2017

Sewing - what sewing? LOL!!

Saturday I got my hair cut and stopped at the grocery store and Home Depot on the way home. I got picked up by a family member and we were off! Had lunch and ended up spending time in downtown Akron. I got home about 5:30 and I was dragging partly because it was so hot - 80! - but I needed to get the cheesecake made for Easter. So I made the cheesecake, did the dishes, and called it a night.

Sunday I was up early and made a pecan pie - homemade crust too - to take along to my brother's house with the cheesecake. I forgot to take pictures of both. Duh. I was then off to my brother's for Easter. There was lots of good food and presents! Yes, Easter presents! I received this beautiful handmade tissue box cover which was made by my SIL's uncle

Then I got these sweets from my SIL's cousin

Lastly from my brother, SIL, and son I got this big 8" chocolate bunny!

I did get a little sewing done Sunday morning. I cut the pieces for one of the covers for Michael and got them quilted. There is flannel on the back and batting inbetween.

While I was at my brother's house I got a couple more sewing projects for the band. I need to alter a cover that is too big and make a shade for the merchandise trunk to keep the sun off the t-shirts. Once I got home - about 6:30 - I needed to get a walk in and call my brother who lives in Texas so not a lot of sewing happened. I do feel better and not as tired so I will try to get back at the sewing machine this week. I miss it!


Vicki W said...

Hey, it wasn't work so it all sounds good!

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I didn't get a chocolate bunny. I think I'll hit the half off Easter candy sale today.

Kaja said...

Glad to see you took a break from clearing the trailer to enjoy yourself for a little bit.