Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Plugging away

I spent last evening working on getting my steps in and on quilting the doll quilt. I have made some good progress on it although it looks the same in this photo!

Despite the wacky weather, the daffodils in my yard are looking good. I seem to have more white ones this year. I like the white ones!

My brother called a few days ago and sent me a couple of pictures for covers that his son needs. Michael is the musician. I may work on those this weekend.

He sent me a drawing with all the measurements too so I am all set!

Lastly, Jo Ann Cuccio asked me a question about my big 8' x 8' table as to did I buy it or make it. She is a no-reply blogger so all I can do is answer her question here and hope she reads it. My Dad made the table.

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