Thursday, April 27, 2017

It is all too much

Yesterday I took a half day vacation to prepare to finish painting the trim in my bedroom and for installing paintable wallpaper when it comes in a couple of days. Well one thing led into another. I need to clear out as much stuff as possible and get all the painting done so that I can get my floors refinished - living room, small foyer and two bedrooms. I started in my bedroom gathering up all the quilts. I decided to take them downstairs to the guest bedroom and pile them on the twin bed I have down there. Next thing you know I was pulling all the quilts out of the other upstairs bedroom (I have a bi-level house so it is kind of reverse with the living room and kitchen upstairs) and hauling them downstairs and sorting them into groups: quilts I made, vintage quilts, and decorative and artsy pieces.

I have too much! What on earth am I going to do with all of these? How many you may ask? Quilts I made including 13 baby quilts - 51!

Decorative/artsy pieces - 56!

Two quilts made by my Grandmother

Vintage quilts - 9 1/4. Yes, one quarter. I got this quarter of a quilt at an auction for nothing because nobody wanted it. I thought it was lovely and planned on hanging it.

And lastly are the quilts my Mom made. I didn't pull them out of the top of the closet to take a picture because I was getting tired at this point from walking up and down the stairs all afternoon. I ended up with 15,000 steps yesterday. I have five quilts, two wall hangings, and this sweet small decorative quilt Mom made from pink fabric I had hand dyed.

I have about seven quilts I made that I would gladly let go immediately. I might have to wait until fall when the call goes out for donations for blankets for winter. I have to downsize what I have. I feel overwhelmed and this doesn't include the quilts in the UFO pile! I feel like I have lost my mind!

If nothing else I will be prepared for the next ice age!

I did get the bedroom cleared out so I can paint this afternoon.


swooze said...

It's good to take an inventory once in awhile so you know what you have. It helps making decisions about letting things go as well. Hope you get the house spruced up as you'd like without event.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I like to keep most of my quilts for awhile before they go in the pile to share with family and good friends. Some I want to always keep so they never go to that pile. I also like to have at least 80 to choose from when I do a program for a guild.

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

I know. I had no idea I had this many quilts either. I am determined that most of them are going to someone before the year is over!

Kaja said...

Isn't it funny how tidying up also starts with making a big mess? As for your quilts, that is one big pile!