Friday, August 28, 2015

Some tips and progress on the t-shirt quilt

I know I have posted these tips before, but since there may be some new readers out there I thought I would repeat them. When making a t-shirt quilt I trim the corners of the seam allowance after I sew a seam. This helps reduce the bulk at the intersections.

When sewing a seam I start out with small stitches, 1.5, for about an 1" then sew with regular sized stitches, 2.5, and then go back to the small stitches for the last 1" or so. What this does is to help keep the seams from coming apart. It is hard to see on this picture as the thread buries itself in the interfacing and t-shirt fabric, but that is what I do. With the weight of the t-shirts, the seams would come apart fairly easy as I don't backstitch.

The final tip is that I press the seams open on t-shirt quilt. This helps to spread the bulk out and yes, I do use steam to get those seams nice and flat. When I piece with quilting cotton fabric I press my seams to one side - yes, I am old school!

Last evening I finished sewing together the row on the right side of the quilt

and I sewed together this section. Yes, I realize I sewed those small pieces upside down. I don't know if I will change it or not.

So here is what the top looks like now. I was looking at it this morning before I left for work and I think I could actually get the top completed this weekend. Wouldn't that be great?

Have a great weekend!


Brenda said...

I've made two tshirt quilts and learned a lot from the experience about how to handle knits and wovens together. I made an improv one because the owner had cut up all her running shirts and I had to figure out how to join those irregular pieces. Not sure I would ever attempt another one, but I'm glad someone like you is out there making them.

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

The PTA at my Physical Therapy place found out I was a quilter and wants me to put together her PTA school t-shirts.

Great tips on the seams. Did you tell me what interfacing you use? I generally use French Fuse, but they tell me that there is a new thing out there that is better.