Tuesday, April 1, 2014

More border ready to sew and is spring finally here?

I cut more border for the two quilts I pieced this past weekend. I will work on getting them sewn together at lunch time today and maybe get them on the pieced blocks tonight.

Last night I went for a walk since it was finally in the low 50's and not raining or snowing. I am making a real effort this month to spend more time working on myself. I feel like a ball of mush! I will be working at the quilt shop in Charm, Ohio May 2 and 3 for their anniversary sale and I need to get some stamina built up or I just won't have the energy to enjoy two days of cutting fabric and hanging out with the Amish ladies that I have not seen since October. I have noticed that my stamina is pitiful! Besides this summer The Michael Weber Show is booking shows so I need to have lots more energy to help out. I may not get as much quilting done for awhile, but in the long run I know I will feel better. I did notice that I had a couple of crocus in the front yard the deer missed eating. I brought these bulbs from my house in Dover. It is nice to see them again!

My canna is growing nicely! Here is what it looks like now. The green leaf is over a foot tall now!

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Glen QuiltSwissy said...

We have had rainy miserable weather, but your continuing snow beats it all to pieces!!!!i hope your crocus bulbs are viable predictors that spring will eventually come to you!