Thursday, February 23, 2012

Yes, another done, duck update and daffodils

I got the shorts fixed and back together that I had ripped apart the night before.

Here are the next short to fix. They are going to be a pain. They have a facing style waistband so I have to take in the outside waistband, the waistband facing and the side seam. Each side needs an inch total taken out.

Here they are ripped apart and will be tonight's project.

Even with all the stuff I have fixed this week the pile still doesn't look like it is any smaller.

The mother is picking what I have done on Saturday, so she will get whatever I have done. Then Saturday afternoon and Sunday I plan on playing with my wool scraps and see what I can put together for a road quilt for my brother. Hummmm - I just got an idea ...

After more traffic and cars pulled into the parking lot where the ducks were thinking about setting up a nest, the ducks left. I think they realized the spot they picked was not such a good idea. I am glad. Now I don't have to worry about the ducklings getting run over. I just hope they found a safer place. It was fun to watch them while they were here. I had never seen a mallard pair that close up.

It is again above freezing here and the temp gets into the 40's almost every day. The daffodils think it is spring. I worry about the fruit farmers. There are a lot of orchards in Ohio and if we get hit with a frost there could be a lot of damage. Here is a group of daffodils at my house.

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Glen QuiltSwissy said...

Our red maples already have their bright red whirly birds all over them. The rest of the trees are budding out as well. I am waiting for the frost to get them all. It is just too warm too early.

glen in louisiana