Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Part 2 of this past weekend and more

With taking that half day on Friday and getting the I Spy quilt done, I had time to start quilting on one of the two pink and brown quilts that were pin basted. I used the pink quilting thread I had come in that great deal I got on thread recently. I found this cute polka dot fabric for the binding. I cut enough binding for both quilts.

Last night I went ahead and put on the binding and tonight I will do the hand sewing. I finally am starting to build up the callus on my finger where I push the needle when hand sewing. It went away when I had surgery since I wasn't sewing.

I need to get my sewing room cleaned up this week as I have a project coming up this weekend or early next week. My brother who tours with major rock bands wants me to make an amp cover like the ones I made when he was out with R.E.M. on their last major tour. They loved them because during outdoor shows it kept the equipment dry if there was blowing rain and clean from blowing dust. For those he had bought car covers which I cut apart. This time I found a source for the car cover fabric. It was a time consuming job to cut the car covers apart and flatten the fabric so yardage will be easier to work with. I went ahead and ordered some fabric and the elastic I will need for at least two smaller covers or one big cover. He wants one cover just to show and once the band sees them he figures they will want more and that is when I will get paid. Heck, I don't mind throwing in the labor - most of the time I get comp tickets and/or VIP backstage passes. Here is the colors that the fabric comes in:

Then there are those pesky alterations. Gosh, I just don't want to do those anymore. Oh well, I will buckle down, get the ones I have on hand done and then move on to what I want to do.

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