Monday, February 13, 2012

5th finish of 2012 and more

Work was slow Friday so I took the afternoon off. I wanted to make sure I finished the I Spy quilt and I did.

The kid was great and so was the rest of the Jammin' Paul Band -JPB- Friday night. The JPB had a different drummer and he came up to Michael afterward and asked about playing with him all the time. The drummer is a fellow, probably in his late 40's and had played with a lot of different tribute bands. My brother taked to him and thinks that maybe Michael will use him for this summer when The Michael Weber Show opens for a national act at the Streetsboro Family Days Festival. The festival will draw 2 - 4 thousand people so it will be a great opportunity for exposure. Here he is during the playing of "Maggott Brain".

My brother and I tromped thru this on Saturday

to go pick up the mattress for Peg's room. Snappy yellow bed!

Guess how long it took me to start putting to do quilts on it?

As I am writing this "I will always love you" started playing on my iPod. So sad about Whitney Houston. I heard she was trying to get her self together. Early reports said she fell asleep in bathtub. I feel so sorry for her daughter and the rest of her family. I took this picture off of last night's Grammy broadcast. I only saw a bit of the Grammy's and I taped the rest to watch tonight.

I ended up going to my son's on Sunday instead of Saturday because of the weather. I dropped off the I Spy quilt and came back with two projects. I need to finish a purse that my sister made in a class, but needs me to finish the top edge. My sister had dropped this off at my son's place last week.

Then my son's wife has a quilt made by a family member that needs some TLC. The edges were just whipped stitched together and are starting to come apart.
I went into my stash of vintage fabric and found this flowered fabric that I will make binding and bind the edges.

I have a lot of stuff going on this week - I think I need to make a list! Tomorrow I will show more about what I got done this weekend and what is on my list.

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