Wednesday, February 22, 2012

And another done and urban ducks

I didn't feel good yesterday, but I did managed to get the tan shorts sewn back together. I had to take them in 2 1/4" so that is 18/8. Divide that by 3 and that is 6/8 for each side seam and the back seam. Divide that in half and I took in each seam 3/8".

I got the second pair of shorts torn apart and will fix those tonight just like I did the tan pair.

I came into work this morning and I saw a mallard duck outside our office. Then I saw the female duck. She is looking to make a nest in the low juniper bushes in front of the office. He is standing guard. We are about a half mile from water, but if she plans on walking her brude they would have to cross one of the busiest streets in town! Now I am going to have to learn everything about ducks and see what we can do about relocating the baby ducks once they are hatched.
Here is daddy duck. The bushes to the left is where mom wants to nest.

One of the guys tried to chase them away so maybe they would find a safer place - they didn't go far

The mother duck came right back to the first spot she liked and dad is standing guard.

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Glen QuiltSwissy said...

Awwww! Now you will be a Duck GrandMomma! And crossing guard. Good luck to the happy couple!

glen: can't wait for pictures of the babies.