Friday, February 3, 2012

4th finish of 2012

Yeah! I got the hand sewing on the binding done while I watched TV last evening. There has been a bunch of babies born to co-workers in the last month so this will not stay in my stash very long. The print is soccer guys and symbols. I think I got this fabric in the bargain basement at Miller's Dry Good several years ago. The navy and rust fabric are batiks.

Here are some baby quilt tops I pulled of my TO DO Door rack. I will be making up backs and pin basting them. I like to get a bunch ready and then quilt them rather than doing them one at a time.

I need to update my dry erase sheet. Lots of done projects and a few that I can't even figure out which quilt I was describing! This list is from 2010 so it is about time to update it.

Have a wonderful and productive weekend!

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Glen QuiltSwissy said...

Four freaking finishes? No way, you are way too productive. You must slow down, you are making me look bad.