Friday, July 23, 2010

The second top is done!

So here is the second top finished. It is pretty close to the same size as the yellow one - about 34" x 50".

Here they are side by side. I can't wait to quilt them!

While I was finishing the quilt top I was watching Stage 17 of the TDF. During one of the climbs a group of about a dozen sheep came up the side of the mountain and decided to join the tour! Thank goodness this happened on a climb when the riders were going only about 15 mph and not on a decent where they can reach speeds anywhere from 50 to 70 mph. The commentators said that the sheep roam free and they will move up the mountains when the clouds roll in. It was very cloudy, foggy, misty, and cold on the climbs yesterday. I have seen dogs run into the riders paths several times over the years, but this is the first time I have seen sheep. A few of them ran beside the riders for awhile. I just glad no one got hurt.

I have a busy Saturday planned. The Material Girl Fabric Outlet in New Philadelphia, Ohio is having a huge sale. I missed their 4th of July sale, but the discounts at the sale this weekend are even better so things worked out. The shop is moving to a larger building and the owner can't stop buying fabric so the store they are in is packed to the gills! I have no idea what I may buy, but I need some fabric for making more baby quilts. In the afternoon my nephew's band is playing at a big festival so I will go see them play and probably roadie after the show.

Sunday is watching the final stage of the TDF as the riders head to Paris and sewing. Have a great weekend!

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