Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Great weekend

I finished the baby quilt for a friend of my son. I like the way it turned out. Here is the front and the back.

Ok, these pictures are not in the right order. I am using a different computer and the pictures are so small to look at when I am trying to find the one I want to post I didn't get them picked in the right order - Oh well! Monday I rode on the float - aka bed of a tow truck - for a local parade. The man that had the truck is the father of the bass player in my nephew's band. The truck pulled a trailer loaded with the kid's equipment. We arrived at the parking lot about 7:30 am. We had to finish decorating the truck and trailer and won 3rd place in commercial division! That was a suprise! We sat in the parking lot until about 11:10 and then it was finally our turn.
Here is a picture of the crowd as we turned the corner to head up the two mile parade route.

Here are the kids doing sound check on the trailer. My brother spent 6 - 7 hours setting up the equipment and bolting it all down. Along the parade route I was looking at the people and they were so suprised that the musicians were young kids. I guess last year they were the loudest group in the parade and you could hear them a long way from where they were. I rode on the bed of the truck along with other band parents and the kids friends.

Here is a shot of the groups lined up in the parking lot waiting their turn to get in the parade line. It was so hot and I felt bad for the teenagers that were going to be dancing the two miles and the karate group that were walking and performing. Then along the route seeing the little kids with red faces, tired, and so hot - gosh I felt so bad for them. I probably will not do this again next year if it is this hot, because my neck and chest are broke out with an itchy, red, heat rash.

The tow truck took us back to my brother's house and the kids were still playing. I helped unload some of the equipment and get food ready for the cookout for all the kids that rode the float, the band, and their families.
I finally made it home to do one more alteration on the wedding dress. I ended up having to take the bodice off the skirt for part of the dress so I could take in the seam that runs from the waist to the neck. The bodice now cups the top of the breast instead of gapping. The bride was happy with the fit. After the dress was done I finally got to watch Stage 2 of the Tour de France. What a crazy stage. If this race isn't hard enought to begin with I think the organizers get these guys on roads that are just not suitable for modern day racing. Usually in the TDF they don't ride over many cobbles, but today's race contains around 18 kilometers of cobbles and they are toward the end of the Stage 3 of which is around 135 miles. Can you even imagine riding a bide for 100 mile then have to get jarred to the bone with riding over the cobbles?

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Sounds like you had a lot of fun!