Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Multi tasking

After work was busy! Yesterday's stage in the TDF was a long one so I starting watching it while I sewed. I really don't like to do this because I miss some of the scenery and yesterday the scenery in the Pyrenees was outstanding! I needed to replace the zipper in these pants for a person I work with. She really didn't give me much of a choice as to whether I wanted to do them or not, but I thought it was in my best interest to fix them. She needs them for this weekend, so now that job is done and off the to do list.

I also worked on the second clothing quilt. I got fabric added at the left side of the pants. I always add more fabric than I think I will need. It is easier to trim it off than to add. It also gives me some flexiablity when I trim before adding the borders as to the size the piece will be. I don't think both quilts will end up exactly the same size - they don't have to be the same - so that is not a detail I am going to sweat over.

Here are the riders heading over the summit at the Col du Tormualet which is a 6900+ foot climb in the Pyrenees.

This is a switchback on the decent down the Col du Torumalet on the way to the climb at Col D'Aubisque.

The majority of the mountain roads do not have guardrails. I would not want to be on these roads at night!

Today is a rest day for the riders so that means I can get some stuff done around the house. Laundry, a little cooking, and starting another batch of yogurt are on the to do list for this evening.

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