Friday, July 16, 2010

Hitting the books

Next year Paula Nadelstern quilt's will be exhibited at the Akron Art Museum where I volunteer. I thought I would read her books and study up on her techniques so that maybe I could become a docent for the exhibit. I will be anxious to see her work in person. I don't know that I would have the patience to construct a puzzle quilt or a kaleidoscope quilt - I may have to play around and at least make a small piece.

Glad to see Mark Cavendish won Stage 10 of the TDF, although Thor is my favorite sprinter. The scenery again was beautiful and makes me wish I could move to such a beautiful place. The lavendar was in bloom and the sunflowers were standing proud as the riders raced by.

This weekend I wanted to just stay at the house and not go anywhere, but my brother is coming home from California for a week so I need to go over to his house and turn on the A/C, gather up his recycling and mail at the house, and pick up his mail at the post office. So in order to avoid leaving the house this weekend, I will go to the grocery and drug store after work tonight and after I take care of the stuff for my brother. I don't like driving around town after work, because the people drive like crazy people. Since the city laid off police, it has been a free for all on the roads. The police that are still working are too busy with robberies, assaults, murders, and drugs to pick up someone doing 45 in a 25. And stop signs - in these people's eyes they are just a suggestion! Oh well, I will get thru it. Sauturday and Sunday will be doing some cleaning, sewing, a little weeding, and of course watching the TDF. Have a great weekend!

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