Tuesday, August 4, 2020

DWR quilt, mowing and masks

I got one and a part melons done yesterday; I will only count the full melon done so I am now at 10 melons and 8 centers to get quilted in 28 days. I can do that!

It was very gray when I got home from work and I decided to get the side yard mowed before the rain let loose.

I did get that mowed then started trimming the front. It started to rain, but I just kept trimming until the rain was coming down just too hard.

I needed to get a couple masks made for one of the fellows at work. He is a nice guy and wanted a mask out of fabric he saw someone else wearing - the skulls and guitars. I didn't have any more with the green skulls, so I made his out of the white skull fabric. I also had to alter two more masks for another person. The elastic was too tight for his broad face. While I was at it I made myself two new ones - the Cleveland Indians and the one with the red skulls.

All of that plus a load of laundry made for a full evening.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

We had the barest of sprinkles around 5 p.m. yesterday. All of the predicted rain for the last several days missed us with areas 25 miles away getting almost 2 inches. I hope your transplanted plants are loving the rain.

Ann said...

You are so kind to make all these masks for people. I bet they love the fabrics. Great collection.
Good to know you're ahead of yourself on the DWR. Hooray.

barbara woods said...

sounds like our day, we put up corn

Vicki W said...

You'll easily be done in 2 weeks!