Thursday, January 25, 2018

How hard could it be?

I had to get the living room cleaned up because Ron, the painter, was coming. Here is what is looked liked before

After gathering up all the floor cloths, moving my tool shelf and miter saw into the kitchen, vacuuming, and picking up trash it looked a whole lot better.

Then Ron called and said he had a bit more to do on the job he on and if it would be ok to reschedule for Friday evening. That was fine with me so I moved the sawhorses back into the living room and put the second coat of paint on the trim, while I did laundry and cooked salmon for dinner and lunch today.

Before the clean up I wanted to get the grille covers on the return air openings. For the top one I couldn't get the screw in the right side so I had to drill the hole deeper. The bottom one - well, that was a different story. I mean how hard could it be to screw the grille on? Well, let me tell you! I had to drill new holes because the old grille cover was a different size. Left hole - no problem, but for the right hole there was nothing to drill into. Crap! This was going to be more work than I thought. So it was down to the garage to find a scrap of wood and drag the heavy air compressor back upstairs for the nail gun. I cut the wood and nailed it in, but there was still a gap between the wall and the wood so I found some shims and pounded those in to fill up the gap.

I drilled the right hole and finally got the grille installed. This simple job ended up taking an hour!

By 6:30 I had 13,000+ steps and I was getting tired. I was glad to get these jobs done and now I can start to install the painted casing and baseboard this weekend.


Charlene S said...

Things are always more work than expected.

Kaja said...

These things are never simple, but the room is already looking lovely and at least you know everything's being done properly.