Friday, November 3, 2017

Almost enough cut

I dug deep in my stash and came up with a few more fabrics for the pink herringbone quilt. here is what it looks like now.

I found one more light fabric this morning while I was cleaning up so I need to try and find one more dark. That will give me 12 horizontal rows and I think that will be enough for the length. I will be able to start sewing this together tonight if I can find that dark. I was tempted to buy some fabric yesterday, some pinks, blues, and yellows, but I resisted. As much as I have tried not to buy fabric this year, I still bought a bunch of flannel and skull fabric for backings that were on sale at a great price. Overall I still have bought more fabric than I used even with 16 finishes so far! Of course with t-shirts quilts I only count the backing and the binding as reducing my stash.

I will probably spend most of my weekend in the studio as we are suppose to get more rain. It poured like crazy last night. Where was this rain in August when we needed it? LOL!!

I dropped off the wool quilt to my brother, Mike, who will deliver it to my brother, Bob, today. I am anxious to hear if it is warm enough for him.

Have a great weekend!


Vicki W said...

That's going to be a cool quilt. How do you like the book? I was considering buying it but usually avoid pattern books.

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

We had just over 3 inches day before yesterday. We needed the water for the plants, too. I felt funky all day with this cold and the rain. Got nothing done......but I was busy, I wonder what happened?

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

It sounds like a good weekend to sew here to because we have rain predicted too. I have a helper coming today to empty pots while the sun is shining.

Ann said...

Funny how that happens. I haven't bought much fabric this year as I am trying to whittle down my stash. But still... it somehow leaps into my hands.
I think your design needs partial seams. I like it better than a variation I made years ago called Stacked Bricks. We sewed squares onto each end of a brick, set them diagonally and trimmed the outer edges straight. Yours is much more fun.

Kaja said...

Sounds like you're going to have perfect sewing weather and funnily enough it's exactly the same here. I like how this is looking - if you don't mind the partial seams they definitely broaden the piecing options. I used to be scared of them, but not any more!