Thursday, November 16, 2017

Lots done!

I now have the two halves of the current herringbone quilt sewn together. Tonight I will sew the partial seams to join the two halves, trim the top, and then get it ready for quilting.

Now if you are wondering what those three partial pieces of fabric at the top of the quilt are for, let me explain. I pinned up a tape measure so you can see approximately where I will be trimming the top side of the quilt.

If I didn't have those three pieces which represent my 12th row, I would have to cut where the lower row of measuring tape is shown in this picture. Cutting at the lower point would mean I would lose 4" in length.

As you can see I didn't need to have a full sized piece since most of the fabric would be cut off when I trimmed. This is something I learned over the last two weeks. I ended up salvaging the three odd shaped pieces from the points I had cut off the previous two herringbone quilts.

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Kaja said...

Clever! This is a tip I think I could apply in other situations too.