Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Another top almost done

I had plenty of dark pieces cut and as I was going thru my scraps I put in a separate pile some gray, pink, and white prints that I used several years ago. I decided to cut up what I had left and use it in this next herringbone quilt. I had to piece several of the fabrics together to get a big enough scrap to cut to size so I would have enough of the grays for this top.

Tonight I will trim it and get it pin basted together.


Elaine M said...

Love this one, like a new day.

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

How different it looks. What other colors will you do in this herringbone? or will you go on to another block now?

Kaja said...

This series is really showing how versatile the basic herringbone design is. I hope you get pictures of them all together.