Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Wednesday quilt sale

Every Wednesday I am going to post a quilt for sale. Why you may ask? Yesterday I took my beloved Eclipse into the shop because the battery was on its way out. What ended up happening is the technician pronounced my car terminal and unsafe to drive due to massive rust issues. I am crushed deeply.

I know there are people with bigger problems in this world and some may say it's just a car, but it was my car, my dream car and I loved that car. I had the Eclipse for two weeks shy of 15 years. The Eclipse was cool and it fit me like a glove. So I was stuck having to buy a car on the fly. So as I cried the salesman asked me what I wanted - which I had no idea what I wanted - and showed me cars. What I wanted was my car. Then I had to drive the Eclipse for the last time around the building to remove all my stuff crying the entire time. I ended up with this stupid gray Tucson. They only had black, blue, and gray on hand. So now I need to pay for the stupid thing.

So every Wednesday I am going to post a quilt and you can email me at pattynubs at if you would like to buy it. I will post a price and will be open to counters. If you are someone I don't know I would ask for a casher's check or a money order including $10.00 for postage. Here is my first offering - my Chinese Coin quilt for $200.00. It is 60.5" x 69". If there are any details you want to know just email me.

I couldn't go back to sleep this morning so I was up at 4:30. I finished quilting the blue log cabin and cut the binding.

In conjunction with hopefully selling some quilts, I am also hoping for some commissions. I have one right now. One of the fellows on the jobsite had some feed sacks he wants me to make a quilt out of for his wife. The sacks were very dirty so I had to wash them twice. Once I get them pressed and hung on the design wall I will post a picture. The quilt won't be very big so this should not take me too long.


Vicki W said...

I had a Nissan Maxima in the 90's that I felt the same way about. I drove it until I couldn't drive it anymore. I've had 2 cars since that were just cars. The last one my husband picked out and since I didn't care I was fine to get it. After driving it for 3 years and almost crashing 3 times because of the gigantic blind spot, I finally decided to get another car for ME. My new Subaru Forester is my new "in love" car. It fits me and I hope it lasts forever.
That commission you got was perfectly timed!

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Oh, I can feel your pain. My van is 13 1/2 years old and is the most comfy, best fitting vehicle for me. Sometimes I wish it was a little smaller but I know I would have a hard time getting used to all of the new gadgets they have put on the cars. I want a key that goes into the ignition and I think that is rare on the new cars, mostly push button start.

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

I did the same thing with my little red sports car, the Prelude. I needed the CRV for the dog training and house flipping businesses. God, I loved that Prelude. And of course when they came to take my 12 year old CRV after the flood, I sobbed for days.

I understand.

Briarose said...

my 10 year old Dodge Dakota is in for repair after an may not be worth it to fix says the adjuster....high mileage...argh! And they have given me a rental-a small low slung sporty job-press to know how many times I have fallen out of that thing trying to get out? I want my truck back ...sniff sniff

Kaja said...

That sucks! I hope you get used to the new one.