Tuesday, September 5, 2017

A crazy busy four days

I took off work Friday afternoon so I could meet up with my brother to head to Lorain to work another gig for my nephew. This was the same place he played at two weeks ago. We were there early enough I got at chance to walk down to the waterfront. This is the Black River which dumps into Lake Erie.

The wind was awful and worse than it was two weeks ago. It was a real challenge to set up the merchandise booth. Gusts were at 18 mph. I never got a chance to sit and do any stitching because I was holding down the front of the tent frame which is where the guts were coming from. We had staked down the tent and had it tied down too, but it was still scary and I didn't want to have the tent blow over. Since we had sold all but 8 shirts two weeks ago, my nephew put in an order for a gross of shirts so I would have something to sell. The winds did die down about a half hour after the show started, but I was so busy selling I couldn't stitch.

This is the crowd just as they began to show up. The placed was packed and I sold all the new t-shirts and some of the older styles we had that were leftover. It was crazy! I couldn't sell the stuff fast enough.

Here is a picture of Michael in those crazy green pants I dyed. I did not take this picture. I think his Mom, my SIL, took it.

Saturday, Sunday, and Monday were all about stitching on the R.E.M. piece. This was my last weekend to work on it. Here is what I got done.
After. I would have like to stitched along the peach colored lines in the lettering too, but I thought I had better not spend the time on it and keep trying to get some stitching on the remaining shirts. I will do this if I have time over the next couple of days or after the show.



This had been half done for awhile

Now it is done

after - Ihave to reattached the snake patch

Finished that little bit on the Monster t-shirt

Quilted this denim area

I stitched around the Cleveland Ohio in red like I did for the other shirts indicating I went to that show. I don't know if I am going to have time to add anymore to this shirt.

What I left to do is to do some stitching in the denim area here
and here

Next I will have to rinse out an area of the quilt that the watercolor markers bled into a bit, stitch on patches, add the pins, add a label, and it is done! I will be handing it in on Thursday.

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Vicki W said...

Congratulations on a near finish! What will you do this coming weekend?