Friday, September 29, 2017

80% done

I made a lot of progress on the feed sack quilt last evening. I had taped the Indians game - it was a day game - so I turned that on while I quilted. The weather finally cooled off yesterday so I felt much better. I quilted this sack last night and the Indians won. They have won the last 30 out of 33 games they played. They had two 2-run homers and a solo shot to win 5-2.

I have one sack left to do and I figure it will take me 4 hours to quilt it because of all the detailed quilting I will be doing.

I can finally get back to walking before work since it has cooled off. Here is what I collected this morning on my walk thru the high and middle school parking lots. Yes, that is a dozen pennies that I found all in the same general area.

As of right now my plans for the weekend are to finish the feed sack quilt, get a UFO pin basted, and do a bit of cleaning. Have a great weekend!


Charlene S said...

Your feedback top is looking great. Those 12 pennies can start a fund for fabric. That is what I am doing with change I find except for quarters. Quarters are used to help pay for drinks.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

You are making great progress on the feed sack quilt. The cooler air sure does do a lot for our energy. It has really been cool overnight the last 2 nights. Next week back to the 80s, at least its not the 90s.....but the rest of the forecast isn't in yet.

Vicki W said...

The cooler air came through here last night and I'm so happy! Have a great quilting weekend.

Ann said...

I'm glad you're back to daily walks. I need to step up my game there. If you pick up that many pencils every day, what do you do with them all? Turn them in at the school periodically?

Kaja said...

You are such a whiz at machine quilting! It's too cool here already, so it's funny to think you have been sweltering.