Thursday, September 7, 2017

It will have to be tomorrow

I stitched at lunchtime and after work. That is it. I have no more time. I was going to try and turn in my quilt today, but I will have to do that tomorrow.

The stitching I got done was the last of the denim

I needed to get the orange bleeding out from the Crayola washable marker so - hold on - I threw the quilt in the washer this morning. Do I hear a gasp from anyone? I set my front loader on cold and hand wash then tossed it in the dryer on low. I took the quilt out before it was completely dry so I could block it. It came out fine and it now drying on my big table.

This morning I also made the label using an iron on that came in one of the R.E.M. fan packs I received one Christmas. I was happy that the paper peeled off and that there is good contrast with the shirt weight denim that was leftover from piecing the front.

So between lunchtime and this evening I will sew on the label, sew on the patches, and add the pin back buttons. I will deliver it tomorrow and be able to breath again!

The moon was high in the sky when the sun was coming up this morning.

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Kaja said...

You put it in the washer??? You are a braver woman than I am.