Friday, May 12, 2017

One smaller. One bigger.

I promise on Monday I will have quilting to post, but in the meantime here is the progress I made yesterday.

I got the office/bedroom cleaned up. I washed windows, installed screens, window cranks, and vacuumed. This room eventually is going to be the guest room once I get the floors refinished, the baseboard and closet doors installed.

Next I moved on to clearing out the living room. It was full of stuff I put there when I had the garage floor redone two years ago and just never moved the stuff back. All the trim for the door casings and the window in the studio is now stacked on the couch. I had labeled it all when I bought I so I wouldn't have to figure out where it went. There was stuff that just needed to go - a door that I removed, an old wooden ladder that is a hazard, and odd and ends of trim that I will save until I am sure I don't need them. I still have the tools sitting at the one end of the room, but it is the end that has already been painted.

One sweet peat pile is smaller and one is bigger. I moved 14 wheelbarrows of material last evening. I still have another 7 or 8 to go, but I am almost done!

This morning's walk yielded this - some pencils, a dime, and the handle of an umbrella

I thought the handle was cute so I stuck it in my plant along with the other figurines I have found

I also found a dog leash, but I left it for the owner to pick up

Other items that I left behind - two combs, a hairbrush, Chapstick, dog kibble, empty water bottles, hair bands, and two nearly empty pizza boxes.

Have a great weekend!


Glen QuiltSwissy said...

I love the stupid stuff you find on your walks. For a few months a couple years ago I documented found things on bike rides, but gave it up when I found some drug paraphernalia. Your stuff is much nicer!

Kaja said...

I am enjoying following your progress with your house, in an admiring, but glad it's not me having to do it sort of way. Things will feel so great when you get it all done to your satisfaction.

Janice Holton said...

I enjoy all of your posts, Patty. Even if they aren't about quilting. I have to ask, why in the world do you find so many pencils on your walks???? :)