Friday, May 26, 2017


I usually only concentrate on one project at a time, but I have several going on right now - the R.E.M. quilt and the AHIQ denim quilt. It's a three day weekend so I need to get crack-a-lackin' and work, work, work!

I got started on the quilting for the R.E.M. quilt last evening and this morning before I headed to work. I am planning on hand quilting the denim areas just to make this piece even more different than the last two pieces I entered into the Akron Art Prize. Here is what I have done so far. I am going to hand more hand quilting to the area with the purple triangles and I will be embroidering around the letters on the t-shirt.

I would have gotten more done except I had a fellow come to the house and give me an estimate on a new front door. I had replaced the door when I bought the house years ago, but it wasn't an expensive door and didn't hold up to the beating it takes with full sun in the summer and the weather hitting it constantly. I let the fellow doing the other work on the house just get me a door since the door that was in the house could not be locked - yes, I could not lock the house - and I was overwhelmed with driving 50 miles one way to work and trying to manage all the work that was being done on the house before I moved in. I just need a new door. As you can see the paint has peeled and the wood brick mold is rotting away. The new door I am looking at is 20 gauge powder coated steel, fully insulated, and heavy duty. It is not going to be cheap, but I won't have any more issues. Here is the current door - so sad!

Here are this morning's finds.

Have a great holiday weekend and be safe!


swooze said...

Uh oh the margarita fund is suffering!

Mary said...

I have lots to catch up on. Hope you get to finish. The weekend is Looking good for some quality SEW time! A Better Door is worth the security.

Kaja said...

I like the ideas you have for the REM quilt a lot, and this looks like a good start. Sounds like the new door will outlast us all! Enjoy your weekend.

QuiltSwissy said...

You will be happy with your new door.....especially since it will lock! We replaced our door just under a year before the flood. So I just went back to them and said Order me the same thing!

Quilt is looking very good.