Thursday, May 18, 2017

Change it or let it go?

I got the rest of the R.E.M. quilt pin basted

Then I decided to flip the quilt back so you could see the backing and saw the print for the backing was upside down. How on earth did I do that? Do I live with it or take the pin basting out and change it? In the bigger scheme of things is it really incorrect or is it just my perspective? Does it really make a difference? These are all questions I am asking myself.

Yesterday I went out to the job site mid-morning and saw a doe on the other side of the fence. She looked at me and when I got too close she took off running down the railroad tracks. She was over a mile away from the metro park. Last winter I did see deer tracks once in awhile on the job site. That is a five foot fence. It is hard to believe a deer can jump a five foot fence, but apparently they can!

I planted seeds last night. In the front bed I tossed in some California poppy seeds.
In the center bed I put lavender seeds to the left and coneflower seeds in the bare spot toward the middle. I had a mix of white and purple coneflower seeds. I watered them in. The forecast said it was suppose to rain today, but that has changed so I will have to water them again tonight and every night until it does rain. I hope I have better luck this year with the seeds than I did last year. Last year nothing came up except the zinnia seeds that self seeded.

This morning was all about finding money! This was a lot more than I usually find. I only found one pencil. The kids have either run out of pencils to lose or they decided to take care of the ones they had.


swooze said...

If I really had my heart set on the backing a certain way I would probably change it but if I wasn't obsessed about it I'd leave it. So I guess the answer has to come from how you feel about it.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

That is a tough question. If you were just making this for yourself it would bo OK to leave it. Since it is going into a judged show you have to wonder if it would count as points against you.

Vicki W said...

Well this is just me but I'd have to change the backing for a show quilt. I have a Christmas quilt here with an upside down backing but I didn't notice it until it was already quilted. I left it alone.

Janice Holton said...

Life is too short. Leave it. :) The recipient is going to love it regardless!

QuiltSwissy said...

I would change it. If this is for the show, you want it to be right. Sorry! Keep finding money and your walks will start paying for your backings!

Kaja said...

I've put my backing on upside down too! So frustrating to spend all that time and then have to think about undoing it. At least you noticed early enough to have the choice of leaving/redoing. I hope your seeds come up - they will look great if they do. I don't have much luck with seeds - either mice or birds seem to do for most of them.