Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Two more bite the dust

Guess where I was yesterday afternoon?

It was just for a cleaning, but my dentist is an hour away in the town where I use to live. I have been going to him forever and I am not about to change. I didn't get back home until after 5. I got something to eat and the next thing I know it is 6 p.m. I stitched until 8 and got 29 rows sewn. Yes, they are going faster since I am nearer to the edges. Here are a couple pictures of where I was before I started last night and what it looked like afterwards. I sew two rows of the same color on each side for a total of eight rows per round. Sometimes I will sew rows of a color on just two sides and then switch up colors so I don't have a develop pattern. I did sew 8 rows of blue.

I pretty much emptied two more spools of thread. That aqua blue thread - there wasn't enough for two rows of stitching. I still have approximately 51 rows to go.

So far today we have about 2" of snow. The streets were terrible so they closed the schools. I think this might be only the second snow day this year.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

If you go at the same speed as last night you will be done in 2 more sewing sessions. I hope you have enough thread.

Vicki W said...

Our schools are closed today too. Mostly because of power outages and trees in the roads I think. We had ice instead of snow.
I am very impressed with how straight your lines are! Oh, and mt quilt club ladies loved your quilts when I brought them in this weekend!

swooze said...

Looking good! Getting so close.