Monday, March 27, 2017

One Monthly goal report

My goal was to get started on my piece for the Akron Art Prize which will be a piece made with R.E.M. t-shirts. I met my goal! I had sorted and pinned shirts to my design wall
and now I started cutting up the shirts and ironing on interfacing to the backs of the shirts.

I made another batch of yogurt yesterday and it turned out great! I am getting much better yields than I ever did before. In the past I put the milk with cultures in thermos containers to process. Now I have been leaving the mix in the big stock pot I heated the milk in. After the milk has cooled to 122 degrees and I add the cultures, I stick the towel wrapped pot under a couple of quilts on my bed with the electric blanket turned up to quite warm. A little crazy but it works!

I also made this little doll quilt for the exchange I am participating in. There are only a couple of pieces of fabric in the four patches that are not vintage fabrics. I have just a little more basting to do and it will be ready to quilt. It is about 15" x 19".


Kaja said...

I love your t-shirt quilts, so can't wait to see how you get on with this one. You've got a great bunch of shirts to start with.

swooze said...

Is that one block supposed to be turned on the doll quilt

Patty said...

Should be a fun quilt. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal

KaHolly said...

I've never tackled amt-shirt quilt. Good job getting it started.