Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Figured wrong

I stitched 33 rows last evening. I now have stitched to the edge of the quilt on two sides, so two sides to go. Here is what the two sides to go looked like before I started stitching last evening

and here is what it looks like now

What I figured wrong was the number of rows left to stitch. I was figuring two rows for every inch when it is two rows for every 3/4". I am thinking I still have at least another 46 rows to stitch.

Now the thread situation. I used up almost another spool of blue, the pink has just enough thread for two more rows, the orange I am not sure if I can get 4 rows or only 2 out of what is left, and the yellow and yellow orange have maybe 6 more rows left on them. It is going to be close, but I still think I will have enough thread to finish this.

We got another 1 or 2 of snow last night. The wind is blowing a bit which makes the wind chill 4 degrees. I actually had to shovel my driveway this morning! It is only the second time this winter.


swooze said...

Refresh my memory on your line spacing. It's looking really good. Hope you have enough thread with a foot to spare!

Vicki W said...

It's almost done!