Tuesday, November 15, 2016

What a mess

It was so nice outside after work. I needed to get my coneflower plant in the ground before it gets any colder so I spent the evening weeding the flower bed where it was going to be planted. With the heat we had this summer, the flower beds fell into a huge mess. This bed faces the south, so the sun just beats down on it and I cannot stand to be in the direct sun. Anyway, here are the before pictures

and the after. I still have more weeds, grass, and zinnias to pull out of this bed, but it looks much better.

Coneflower planted

Two very full wheel barrows of weeds and zinnias

I also got my canna rhizomes dug up before they freeze. This is all I have to plant next year! I will have to take better care of them than I have. I use to have so many rhizomes at the end of the season I was giving away pounds of them!

It looks like the weather is going to be good the rest of the week so I will probably try and keep working on cleaning things up. It is suppose to rain Saturday. I was so tired after crawling around and pulling weeds I didn't get any quilting done.

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