Tuesday, November 1, 2016

AHIQ/Nov goal/UFO quilt, new shoes, pink fabric

It's time to add a post for the AHIQ post at Fret Not Yourself. I had made this tea towel quilt top a couple of years ago for a challenge on Victoria Findley's blog, but I never got it finished. I had been debating on adding another border so I had put it aside. I hung it up and decided it does not need another border. Right now it is 71" x 78". I had the one tea towel for years and it's twin was sent to me from a reader of my blog. Don't they look fabulous together!

I have a piece of the floral left that is 53" x 100". It is not enough to do the entire back, but I will add a bit so something and use it up. This floral is drapery fabric that was given to me with bags of leftovers from a friend's Aunt who passed away. The colors are not my taste, but somehow it fits in with the other wackiness of the fabrics I used in this top. This top is also on my UFO list with Colorways by Vicki Welsh UFO challenge and Elm Street Quilts' November goal http://www.elmstreetquilts.com/p/omg-one-monthly-goal.html, so I could kill three birds with one stone getting this one done.
Elm Street Quilts

I was walking on Saturday and had a pair of athletic shoes that were just a bit small. I have been trying to stretch them out and I thought they were ok, but by the time I got home I had a big blister on the inside of my big toe on my right foot. My other shoes were worn out and my Achilles tendon on my left was hurting because of the soles of the shoes were shot. I decided enough was enough and I bought a new pair of shoes. This was the only color they came in, but they were the only shoes they had that gave my toes room. I didn't walk much on Sunday because my toe hurt so bad. Yesterday I did a lot around the house after work and got most of my steps in, but I was wearing sandals to give my toes room. My toe still hurts a little, but it certainly feels a lot better.

I also dug out pink fabrics for a couple of zig zag quilts so my brother has a couple of choices for his friends expecting Dec. 25. Always another quilt that needs made!


Ann said...

I like that floral in the tea towel quilt. The yellow adds a spark of brightness to your quilt. I like the plan to put the rest on the back. Backs are a great place for stuff we're tired of.
What fun to have a pair of these tea towels. And that someone mailed a mate to you.
Thanks for linking with AHIQ.

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

I used the curtains from my previous bedroom window treatments for the back of my Forest of Frozen Sorrows quit. It was a bit stiffer than quilt fabric, but the earth didn't stop spinning when it was finished!

My tea towel quilts are somewhere.........

Patty said...

what a great quilt. Good luck with your goal and thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal!