Friday, November 18, 2016

Quilting again - a little bit

After work it was out to the yard to finish up cleaning the bed near the house. Here is what it looked like before

I had cora bells in this bed, but they couldn't take the heat from this summer. I got the rest of the crabgrass and weeds out, dumped a bag of potting soil that had been sitting in the garage, and then decided to transplant some Shasta daisies to fill in the empty space. I started some Shasta daisies from seed 3 years ago

and the plants are multiplying so I dug up a few of those
and planted them in the bed next to the house. It was so hot this summer that the flowers didn't last past June, but the foliage tolerated the heat so if nothing else I will have some green in this bed.

My next project is to move these cora bells

to an area in the back for the winter after I get it cleared out.

I plan on putting black plastic on the soil for the winter to help kill the weed seeds; this bed has gotten so bad with weeds and crabgrass. Next spring I then will move the cora bell back. I am going to take a half day vacation today so do this since today is the last warm day we are suppose to have. They are calling for rain tomorrow and snow on Sunday.

I did get a tiny bit of quilting done on the border. Since it looks like I will be staying indoors this weekend more quilting will get done. Besides that I can't go anywhere far since I have a leaking tire. I couldn't get an appointment until Tuesday to have it looked at so I have to put air in it everyday and nurse it until Tuesday.

Have a great weekend!


Vicki W said...

I'm stacking wood today, shopping and then sewing!

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

SNOW!!!!!! We call it Sneaux here, LOL.

We are supposed to get the tail end of your front on Saturday. I had the Seasonal servicing for the AC/heater done today so if we need to come sleep in the house it will be warm at least. When the city turned the gas off in the Great Gas Fiasco the pilot for the heater would not come back on. Turns out it was just turned off........