Wednesday, November 2, 2016

3-3, Tea towel quilt, and cleaning

I have been making myself do a bit of cleaning every day after work and the place is looking better. Not that my house was a big mess, but just the little things that you let go because you would rather sew. I have been working on downsizing the kitchen stuff which is now done, getting the dishes done, and cooking a little. I did a bit of mending and a load of laundry before I started on the tea towel quilt.

I got the back made for the tea towel quilt, taped it down, spread the batting, and laid out the top. I pressed, not ironed, the layers together with some steam to make sure it was nice and flat. This top has a lot of bias edges and is improvisationaly pieced. I also have a mix of fabrics - several different linens - the linen tea towels, Irish linen, and Belgium linen, quilting cotton, and drapery cotton. Irish linen came from a pair of pants I bought from my neighbor at a yard sale. The fabric was beautiful. I used the waistband for this top.

I got started on the pin basting while I watched the Indians and Cubs game 6. So now the series is 3-3 and tonight is the final game. I sure hope the Tribe can get their act together tonight and beat the Cubs. GO Cleveland!


swooze said...

I got my wish. Close match!

Selvage Quilter said...

Wow, I like that double center medallion quilt!
You are on a roll for getting stuff done.
Happy November.

Vicki W said...

If you think your house is a mess you should see mine after 6 weeks of guests and 1 week of being sick. It's a train wreck around here!