Friday, September 16, 2016

What a day

Well let me tell you about my day yesterday. At work I was asked a question by one of the contractors which was "can we submit our draft Operation and Maintenance Manual electronically?" I said "No," He says, "but it will be 17 binders." I said "No" again and offered a bunch of binders that we have accumulated to him. The O&M have always been submitted in hard copy and three hard copies have to be submitted once they are approved. This is stated in the specifications manual for the project and it the way the school system has request them. Then the project manager jumps in and says he doesn't see why they couldn't be submitted electronically like a regular submittal. I said I don't have control over the movement and be able to keep track of who has them. He said "yes you can" I said "no I can't" he said again "yes you can" again I said "no I can't" then he said "Eric can". Well, it is not Eric's job! Then the architect chimed in and said electronic was fine with him and the school rep when against there own policy and said he didn't have a problem with it. So 4 men jumped in, change procedure, interfered with the way I do my job, and none of them had any business doing that. I was pissed. I am responsible for tracking all closeout documents for the jobs. Now what else are they going to tell a contractor that it is ok to change procedure? I have to answer to where the documents are at any point in time and now I will not be able to. My boss showed up and I told him what happened. I said if the project manager wants to take over closeout then send me to another job.

Then I didn't get to go to the meet and greet for artists at the Akron Art Prize because the pig contractors leave giant screws for us to drive over. That is a concrete screw left by the sitework contractors. I was pulling out of the driveway and hear a clicking sound. I thought it was a rock. I got out and saw this

So I had to wait two hours for AAA to show up to put the doughnut on. He was not in his normal truck and there was no air compressor on the truck. How do you come to a call without air? Thank goodness I have an air compressor or I would have had to wait at least another hour for him to go get one and them come back. So now I have this ugly doughnut. I am going to the tire shop this morning to see if they can fix the tire. I have hazardous protection so it shouldn't cost me anything, but gas, my time, and my tolerance for contractors.

So how was your day?


Elaine M said...

Wow! You have had more then your share and are do some good days. I wish I could send them.

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

I had to take a shower in a creepy pre-Katrina RV.......but I am not in a shelter!
LOL. But it was my contractor who had the flat tire from all the debris spread around the streets.
Your day was pretty rough. I hate know it all men....they deserve nails in their tires, not yours!

But on the other side, your flannel quilt looks amazing. (I need some new adjectives, but my thesaurus got flooded. Everything I liked was kept at under 31 inches if seems.).