Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Almost done

I worked on the clothing quilt this weekend and it is all quilted and bound. I used a tiny tan and white stripe for the binding.

I still need to stitch on the pockets, a pair of red suspenders, and then a label before it is complete.

Saturday night I went to the opening of the Akron Art Prize. I thought the quality of the work was much better than in past years. The place was packed and it was way to hot for me. I stayed for less than two hours - I just couldn't take the heat. My piece was hung with a black and blue tent for some arty light machine so it was hard to distinguish my piece from the tent. Now there is a rule that the piece can only be 6' x 6' x 6' at the most. This tent was much bigger than that. So much for rules! My piece was not perfectly straight, but it hung pretty good. This is not a quilt show so perfection in that respect is not a deal killer.

Here are some other fibre pieces that are in the show

There are lots of paintings and photography this year. I will take some photos next time I am at the show.

I spent a bit of time this weekend working on the flannel quilt too. I needed to get the pieces and parts laid out to figure out what I had. Here are a pile of blocks I sewed together from parts that I had already cut and another pile of parts that needed to be sewn into blocks.

Then I had a bunch of pieces that were just three squares sewn together, so I found and cut more squares so I could make the bits into blocks.

Here are all the strips I had already cut into 3". I have a big pile of tan and brown striped strips that will be used for binding and what I have left will be turned into blocks.

I got to thinking this morning while I was drying my hair "What about backing?" I then remembered I had some flannel on the UFO shelf. This will be more than enough!

I didn't have anyone in mind for this quilt but now I think I will give it to my son for Xmas. I have some hockey flannel that would be perfect for the backing - he loves the Flyers. Here is what the quilt looks like after I sewed together a bunch of blocks.

I have no idea how many blocks I will be able to get out of the plaids and solids I have left. I know I have more than enough to finish this and start another quilt. I don't want to buy any more flannel! My goal is to use up what I have. Just so you don't think this is all the flannel in my stash, here is a picture of what else I have. This is leftovers from the pink and lavender flannel quilt I made my sister a couple of years ago, a couple of red pieces, and a miscellaneous pile of light colored flannels and odds and ends.

I also have a small pile of scraps that Wanda from Exuberant Color sent me. I will figure out something to do with them. They could make a cool border - aaahh yes! A border!

Another pretty sunrise

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