Friday, September 2, 2016

Bruce kept me company

As I machine quilted last night Bruce kept me company - Bruce Lee that is.

I managed to get the clothing pieces that are in the center of the quilt done and a bit of the left side. I am now 71% done with the machine quilting. Yeah!

So I was thinking last night about what my next project will be. I have quite a few UFO's I would like to get done! Since I declared September as get it finished month for me, I looked around my fabric storage room and pulled out two projects. This quilt is only at the beginning stages of being quilted.

and I also pulled out my flannel pieces and parts. I couldn't remember what I had. After a quick sort, I have some nine patch blocks

and I have a bunch of strips ready to be sewn together. I thought I didn't have any solids to go with the plaids, but I did find some solid strips. I wish I had some other colors like gray, a dark red, a cobalt blue, and a medium green. If I would buy any I would probably get them from since they have a great variety of solids. The only thing is I would still have leftovers since it is better to buy a yard than a half yard. Next thing I would need then is some more plaids to go with all the solid strips I have left and it would go on and on! When would I stop? LOL!!

I made this flannel quilt in 2014 as the family xmas quilt and I loved the way it came out. This is what I have planned for the next flannel quilt too.

I am looking forward to this three day weekend! Saturday is the opening for the Akron Art Prize. I will be interested any the comments about my AC/DC piece. I will finally get to see it hanging and take a better picture of it.

Have a great weekend!


Vicki W said...

Have a great weekend!

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

Oh I can't wait to see AC/DC hanging. It must be amazing.

Seeing your pieces here made me yearn for my own UFOs........