Friday, June 26, 2015

t-shirt progress, our first gig, and walking Oh my!

I finished cutting up and interfacing the t-shirts for my niece's quilt. I had to take the hem out of the sleeves for the few pieces that had printing on the sleeves, but it didn't take very long. Next will be arranging these and sewing them together into a top.

I had quite a pile of scraps (the stack on the left) and a pile of useable pieces for paint or caulking rags. I had to clean up the studio a bit as there were bits everywhere from cutting these shirts up, but the studio is cleaned up, vacuumed, and ready for this weekend's sewing.

Despite the look of the sky last evening, I went out for my walk to get all my steps in.

I was humid and the temp was in the high 70's so I got all sweaty which I hate.

Tomorrow the band has it's first gig of the year. I have my fingers crossed that is doesn't rain. Since I will have to sit at the merchandise booth for several hours I will be taking my rock t-shirt quilt to work on the stitching I am adding with pearl cotton.

Here are my zinnias after two weeks. They have gotten their second set of leave which I think if I remember correctly is their first set of true leaves. I will have to do some yard work this weekend - mowing and some serious weeding! Right now the forecast has a high Saturday and Sunday in the upper 60s, but there is a possibility of rain both days.

I also want to get back to quilting the teal and purple quilt so I have a busy weekend ahead! Have a great weekend!


Glen QuiltSwissy said...

It was so cool after the rains last night so after supper we walked a mile with the Bad Boyz. they needed the walk and so did I!

love those zinnias, you are going to be so colorful this summer! On of my favorite flowers.

Judy@Quilt Paradigm said...

Congratulations on getting your walking in!!

Love watching your t-shirt quilts come together and I can't wait to see your teal and purple quilt finish!! :)

scraphappy said...

What a fun t-shirt quilt! Love the layout style.