Thursday, June 18, 2015

Batting, mowing, and quilting

When I pulled up to the house after work there was a big box to greet me. JoAnn's had sent me a coupon for an extra 15% off my total purchase and batting was 50% off so I bought another roll. After tax and shipping the cost was the same as the sale price, but I did save the tax and shipping.

The roll of batting I had was dwindling and I was waiting for a sale before I bought another roll. I wish I had kept track of how many of these rolls I have bought over the years. I am guessing this is number six or seven. That is a lot of batting!

I was waiting for a neighbor to show up. She needs a dress hemmed. While waiting I got one more block on the teal and purple quilt quilted. So now I am 36% done.

The neighbor never showed up so at 7 p.m. I decided to put on my big girl pants, suck it up, and mow. I was dripping within 10 minutes. I needed to get the rest of my steps in so I killed two birds with one stone. It is raining today so it was a good idea that I did mow last evening. When I was done I took some pictures of my flora and fauna. LOL!
My free daylilies that I brought from Dover to Akron. The deer seem to be leaving them alone as I have lots of flowers!

My three year old cone flowers I grew from seed.

Shasta daisies I grew from seed last year. I didn't have but three or flowers last year. This year - lots of flowers!

And in the back where it is shady my Lenten roses are thick and full.

When I weeded the other day I dug up a couple of extra cora bell plants and gave them to a young fellow at work. The plants were not doing well since they were planted in full sunshine, I had no place else to put them, and I have more of them in the back. It is fun to share plants anyway! He said he has a place for a couple of Lenten Roses so I will dig those up and send them on to a new home.

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