Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Catching up - UFO status, stash status, wedding quilt countdown - 10 days to go

UFO Busting 2015

I feel like I am behind on everything right now so it is time to catch up on a few things. First, my UFO progress. I started the year with 40 items on my list. I have my list posted on a door; it says "Look at me!" every time I walk by.

At the beginning of May I had 33 projects on my UFO list.

I completed 0 projects on my UFO list for the month of May.

I have one UFO project in process which is the rock t-shirt quilt.

I didn't trash any UFO projects

I started one new project - the teal and purple anniversary quilt.

My June numbers will be better!

My stash report - so far I have bought 77.75 yards and used 62.75 yards for a gain of 15 yards. What can I say? LOL! Here are some pictures of my stash. For any new readers who don't know, I have a bedroom across the foyer from my studio that houses my stash. Here is where the African Dutch wax, batiks, commercial prints including most of my novelty fabrics, linen, and boxes of scraps are located. On top I have sewing supplies and one UFO which is a wool quilt for my brother if he ever gets me the measurements for the size he wants this quilt to be.

The desk in the middle of the room has the cut flannel pieces, cut African Dutch wax pieces, a pile of scraps I dumped out of the container because I needed the container for something else, and miscellaneous stuff.

This shelving unit has my hand dyed, flannel, and left over t-shirt parts. The rolls on the right are drapery lining and materials I use to make equipment covers for my brother.

The last big section of items contains UFOs on the top three shelves and on the hanger, on the bottom shelf a box of solid scraps, a stack of Halloween fabric ready for another quilt, and a stack of yellow and red fabrics for a quilt someday. The two white trash bags are t-shirts for two quilts - one for a niece and one for a nephew, several boxes of FQ, and my quilting thread. So there you have it!

It wasn't raining last evening so I had to go and mow. I only did the front yard as the back isn't too bad. I was able to get two blocks quilted between the time at lunch and before I went to mow. So I now have 18 blocks quilted or 60% of the quilting done. Tonight I have quilt group so between lunch and before I go to the meeting I might be able to get one or two blocks quilted.

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Lisa said...

great idea to have a photo list of UFO's!!! You go girl!