Monday, January 19, 2015

Next quilt, free motion designs, walking

Here is the next quilt I am going to finish.

Saturday I didn't get much done. I was just so tired. I pin basted the quilt, downloaded some CD's

watched a documentary and went for my walk.

but Sunday I starting quilting on the above quilt. I had spent some time watching two DVD's from Patsy Thompson. I would quilt along with the DVD and here is my stack of practice pieces. I have three more DVD's to watch.

This is the design I am using for the quilt - well, kind of. It is a wavy spiral - at least that is what I am calling it. The motifs are coming out a bit more round and wavy on the quilt than my sample. This design covers a lot of area quickly, but is not as boring to do as meandering. I forgot to take a picture of the quilt in progress. I post one tomorrow.

The weather was decent so I went walking again Sunday afternoon. Since it was early afternoon I walked beyond my neighborhood a bit. Look at the snow art in this front yard! They always do something interesting. I wonder where they got all the snow since we have not received that much this year so far.


Vicki W said...

What fun neighbors!

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

Branching out in the free motion work is a good thing to expand your brain cells. I have to decide how to do the books.

I have never seen snow art! LOL