Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Looking for a pencil box and progress on the Moda Halloween quilt

I had a pencil box that has passwords taped on it for a couple of websites I use at work. Yesterday my computer would not automatically fill the fields for some reason and I couldn't remember the usernames or passwords. Let's just say I looked and I looked for the pencil box. I finally found it! This week it seems is all about me misplacing things and eventually finding them. With digging around looking for my watch and the box, I have come to realize this week I have too much stuff and I need to do some serious purging. There are piles everywhere and I feel the space closing in on me!

I spent time in the kitchen last evening cleaning and cooking some chicken and some packages of fresh mushrooms. While those were cooking, I did dishes. That took up a couple of hours so there wasn't much time to sew. This morning I was up early so I cut the last three fabrics for the Moda Halloween quilt and got two blocks sewn together. Yes, the ones from yesterday's post are still sitting there. It is hard to sew the black blocks without some natural daylight, so I sewed one of the orange blocks instead.

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Glen QuiltSwissy said...

I am always looking for something as well. And I generally find stuff I don't even remember I have!