Friday, August 8, 2014

This weeken's list

Last evening was the last night of the Downtown at Dusk series. I worked selling beer again. I also received this book for being a member of the museum. It contains pictures and information of their permanent collection.

A couple of stories - this Judd piece which is an aluminum square tube lined in green plexiglass. One of the security people told me they found somebody's kid crawling thru it. Oops!

I was helping out when the remodeled museum opened. My job was to keep the stragglers in tour groups moving. This old guy walked up to this piece and started tapping on it and said "I wonder what this is made out of?" I asked him not to touch the art and he tapped on it again and asked again what was it made out of.

I am sure the security staff has lots of stories to tell about the public interacting with the art!

I got an email that the submission date for the American Made Brand Farm to Fabric challenge has been extended to Aug. 31. I kept telling myself I needed to look up the date because I couldn't remember when the cut off date was. Since I bought fabric, I guess I had better get busy so this is my project for the weekend. I am not sure what I am making yet as I have to go and look up the size limits.

I also would like to spend some time out in the yard trimming and pulling weeks, but it just depend on how hot is gets.

Have a great weekend!

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